Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A post full of Random

Well hello world! 
Autumn is officially here, and where the bleep did the summer go?
I didn't start out the summer season with a to-do list like I normally do, which is probably a good thing because I don't ever actually do all the things on the list.  One of the things that is always a recurring item on my summer lists, though, is camping.  I always try to take myself on a camping trip at *least* once a year.  Which is not nearly enough, but sometimes that's all I can manage.  This year I went back to James River State Park, which is about 3-1/2 hours to the west of here.  Its a relatively new park, but I love it.  Its in a beautiful spot, tucked back away from everything.  They have a really secluded part of the park dedicated to primitive-style camping, which is where I go.  This year I spent four days/three nights all by  myself in the deep woods.  It was marvelous. 

I also like to set up my tent in my own backyard and enjoy sleeping outside.  I'm lucky enough to have a large backyard with lots of privacy from neighbors, and lovely shade trees for hot days. 
My outdoor cat loves to share the tent with me.  He's great company on my backyard adventures

I totally want a bench like this in my backyard.  Found this at a local park, way back in the back of the park by the lake where no one ever goes, apparently.  It was so lovely, all weathered and getting engulfed by vegetation. 

A couple of my plants at work are blooming again.  These are both relatives of the African Violet, but for the life of me I can't remember what the orange one is called.  The one on the bottom, with the pink/yellow flower is a streptocarpus, I think.  I don't get blooms on that one very often.  What a treat.

Got a new book yesterday.  I've heard a lot of good things about this one, and when I went to the bookstore a few weeks ago I browsed through a copy and it looked like fun.  Got myself a copy.  As if I need more books. 

Well, I haven't spent much time in the jewelry studio lately.  I've been working on several other projects, and just haven't really felt the motivation to do jewelry work.  I've been knitting and crocheting, and doing some painting and mixed-media type artwork.  Made a new journal. 

I joined the Postcrossing community and have been sending (and receiving) postcards.  This has been loads of fun.  I'm still just getting started, but already have received two postcards.  Will be sending two more off today.  Plus I've started up pen-palling again.  I'll probably share some about that in a future post. 

Off for now.  Enjoy the day!

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