Thursday, August 23, 2012

More destash


3. square beads with flowers (from Michaels) $1.50

4. big black faceted nuggets - glass, I think $2.00
 5. 3 black matte beads, sort of like large lentils $0.75

6. bunches of stone chips in various shades.  about the same size baggie as the pink ones in the previous post.  which is to say, a lot of little chips.  $1.00 each baggie.  Specify which color.

8. pearlized - plastic?  multiple colors, fairly large, maybe dime sized.  I think these came from a broken necklace.  $1.50



12. dyed stones - purple/blue/white, nuggets and rounds.  $2.00


14. I have three jars of sea glass left as well.  $4.00 for a very full baggie, like the ones shown.


16. SOLD

any assemblage artists out there?  got a fishing tackle box full of old automotive light bulbs and fuses.  super cute little suckers.  these are great little dangles if you solder a jump ring to the top part.  the glass is pretty strong on the little ones.  anyone interested in these, please message me and I'll give you a specific price for the ones you want.

Here are the ephemera packs I mentioned on FB.  I'm filling those plastic page protectors with bunches of papers, bits of cellophane, paper doilies, wrapping papers, etc. etc.  These three photos are from one pack.  $7.00 each pack.

This portion of the destash has been supervised by my handsome garage studio assistant.  Really, I have to tell you, this little guy is the sweetest, most lovable thing ever.  

And there you have it: part deux of the destash.  I'm slowly working on cleaning, organizing, simplifying.  I'm going through a phase, I think.  I've been taking on new projects, learning new things, and generally going bonkers buying supplies for new obsessions.  I realized recently that, although I moved nearly all my art & jewelry supplies into a dedicated studio space in my garage, I still have storage issues.  Can you relate? Of course you can.  All us crafty types are hoarders-in-the-making.  Right?  Right?!  Anyway, I've come to the conclusion that I need to refresh.  Its time.  Plus, the money I make from not be spent on more supplies... :: looks away shamefully::

There are still a few things left on the last post as well.  Thanks for looking!  :)


  1. Lisa - I will take numbers 1,2, 7, 11 and 14. Also # 15 sari silk in the teal color thanks!

  2. I'd like 1, 11, two sets of #14 and all of #15 please.
    blazesandbubbles AT gmail DOT com -- I also commented on FB

  3. That's ok. I'll just take some of the sea glass (#14) and the reast of #15. I love the rest of them but I had a hard time seeing the verification letters so had to get new ones. Is that ok?