Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Supplies swap blog hop!

I think we ended up with 18 fab ladies joining in on the supplies swap.  Sunday, May 20 we will have a blog hop to show off all the goodies we get from our partners.  I am totally and utterly new to all this hosting of swaps and organizing of hops so forgive me if I miss something or make an absolute mess of it all!  I know May 20 is several weeks away, but I have a whole lot going on in the next couple of weeks, and from reading the posts on the CBC page it sounds like a lot of others are pretty busy too.

I'm going to email all the participants soon to give everyone the heads-up on the blog hop.  I'll get links from everyone who has a blog.

Once you get your package from your partner, take a bunch of pictures!  Let everyone else in on your happy-happy-joy-joy when you go through your new stuff.  We'll all do a 'reveal' post on May 20, and of course post links to everyone else who is participating.


  1. Lisa, first let me say thank you for hosting is swap, my first! I have been partnered with an amazing artist Marla Gibson, she sent me a loaded package with gifts and all. Spoiled!!! Now for May 20 reveal blog hop, what exactly do we need to do? Do we have to create some pieces or just show pictures of our haul?

    1. Shelley, let's just show off our haul for this one. I know, personally, I won't have time for much creating between now and then. But please feel free to include anything you made if you decide to create something with your new goodies! I'm so glad your swap was such a success! I peeked at your blog just now (gotta get on your follower list!) and you totally got spoiled! Awesome!