Friday, April 20, 2012

Supplies swap

I've been meaning to blog about this, but I've been miserably under the weather lately so haven't really had the energy for much.  So, this will be brief but will get the point across I hope.

I posted on the Creative Bead Chat facebook group about a supply swap and got good reception so decided to host it.  Here's what we're doing.   We all have a stash, right?  All kinds of stuff, depending on what kind of stuff you make.  We'll all gather up a little pile of supplies and trade with a partner.  "Supplies" means basically anything you use to do what you do: beads, wire, components of any sort, whatever.  So far my little pile has some links I made, some beads, some metal blanks, etc. etc.  I'm still working on it.  Anyway, we're filling one of those little #0 bubble mailers.  So not a great big pile or anything.  Include things you wouldn't mind receiving.  You may receive some things you wouldn't otherwise have ordinarily added to your stash.  Maybe inspire some stretching of creative boundaries, right? 

I've invited anyone who's interested to email me to add their name to the list.  Signups are open until Tuesday the 24th.  Wednesday  morning I will randomly select partners and email each participant with their partner's name and email address.  You will then contact your partner for her mailing address.  If you decide you want to tailor your trade to your partner's taste, that's up to you.  Personally I think the element of surprise makes it better. 

Anyway...there's still a couple more days to get on the list so email me if you're up for it. 


  1. I want in! Is commenting here acceptable for entering? I have to go find this facebook group you speak of.

    1. jenna, you got it! is the email address on your profile correct?

  2. Thanks for posting more details. Sorry to hear you haven't been feelin well. I recently retired to Virginia Beach from central NY and the pollen is really killing my sinuses! Looking forwardvto th swap!!