Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spent some time today photographing new stuff.  I am *not* a very good photographer, but I'm slowly learning.  I give myself heartburn each and every time I have to photograph new pieces for the Etsy site.  I always have trouble with lighting especially.  Need to spend some time doing some research on photography tips I think.  I use iPhoto to edit my photographs (my library/workshop computer is a Mac) but I'm having monitor trouble recently, so of course that impedes the editing process.  Right now I'm using the little old Mac laptop in the living room so I think I may have to start doing my photo editing on this until I can get a new monitor for the other one.  Well, technically its a laptop, but it doesn't have a working battery so it has to remain tethered to the outlet.  We sort of inherited it from one of my dude's clients (he does computer work).

Anyway...I now have a slew of photos to edit so I can get some new stuff listed on the Etsy site.  My sister was nice enough to model for me so I could get some pics of the pieces actually being worn.  I also have some pics to share of my haul from the Intergalactic Bead Show that was here in Hampton in March.

Everybody see the April Monthly Challenge on the Art Bead Scene blog?  Oh boy - that painting is just spectacular, isn't it?  In fact, I have some fabulous sari ribbon that is just the perfect color to go with that theme...but I don't think I have any art beads to go with it.  *sigh*

Second cup of coffee for the day has been consumed...now I'll be up all night.  Maybe editing photographs will burn off some of this caffeine buzz.  Ha!

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