Sunday, April 29, 2012

No such thing as a lazy Sunday here

Reflecting briefly this evening on the phrase 'lazy Sunday' and realized my Sundays are rarely lazy days.  I always do laundry on Sundays, for one thing.  Plus there always seems to be something else that's managed to creep in.  I have had a few lazy days lately due to some health issues, but yesterday I finally felt good enough to actually get some things accomplished.  Mostly the dude and I did some errands and tried to pick out paint and tile for the kitchen.  Then today my energy levels are finally approaching something like normal again so I decided to get out into the new 'studio' and do some work.  I keep forgetting to download and post the pictures of the new workspace...and now I can't even remember if I blogged about it at all.

At the risk of repeating myself (which I actually think I do quite often), here's the story.  I have a detached garage in my backyard, which used to be my father's woodworking shop.  Its a nice big space, and although it doesn't have climate-control, it is fully insulated with finished walls and ceilings and all that.  Anyway, so we were using it for general storage, plus as a work space for all the renovations we're doing.  So then, my brother and sister-in-law ran into some issues and ended up getting kicked out of the place they were sharing with another couple.  They tend to have issues with responsibility and consistency anyway.  They ended up basically living in my garage - what began as a 'temporary' stay ("just until we can find another place") turned into something like a year and a half.  Yeah, I know.  Anyway, they have FINALLY got back on their feet and moved out.  And I FINALLY have my garage back.  Which means I got to put up the workbench that my friend gave me and finish making my new 'studio' space out there.  I have my own little corner of the garage all to myself, with lots and lots of space for storage and working.  I totally love love love it.  Gotta get those pictures up here.

So this morning I got up and did my computer stuff and saw that my bangle stacks had sold yesterday!  Yay!  Got everything together and packaged up, and realized I hadn't finished packing up my little goodie bag for the supplies swap I organized.  Dude was working out in the garage building cabinets (!!!) so I decided to take my coffee out to the 'studio' and finish up the swap package.  Ended up totally stuffing that little bubble envelope.  I hope my partner likes all the stuff I packed in there!  In between doing laundry, I also dragged out another unfinished bangle project and did some more work on those.  Helped dude with the cabinet building a little.  Had a visit from my sister and my niece and nephew.  They went nuts over some old toys I had found when cleaning the garage.  I love it when they're little and so easy to please.

More laundry.
Metal pieces in the tumbler.
Take apart some old pieces to reuse bits.
Distracted by stray cat - must feed.
Trip to Home Depot for lumber.
Pick up steam cleaner we found on craigslist.
More laundry.
Distracted by my outside cat looking cute and cuddly and warm fur and wet nose and purrrrr....

So busy day here.

What did you do today?

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  1. Today was the second day of a Foliage Festival in the town one over from where I live (NEVER have fairs this close to me - FANTASTIC!). The crowds were fantastic, the weather was fantastic, and the amount of pieces I sold was fantastic. Best show I have done! Exhausted, but VERY HAPPY!