Sunday, April 1, 2012


yes yes, i know, i'm a terrible blogger.  i usually find that the time for blogging just isn't there - i always seem to have something more pressing to do.  eventually, i know i will need to spend more time blogging and networking in order to grow my jewelry business.  baby steps here. 

so - a beautiful but somewhat cool spring day today in Virginia.  Mom and I visited the flea market and a couple of thrift stores.  the haul for today:

 some tools and some cheap little bangles to include on the bangle stacks project from fancifuldevices.
 a wooden mallet and a cool little cigar box
 awesome cookie tin that will be destroyed and reborn
 okay so these spools of leather cord came from a yard sale yesterday but still an awesome find.

also I am cluttering up my desk/workspace with more projects-in-progress, including some soldered loops inspired by Staci of Artisan Accents by Staci Louise

the loops are not really finished yet but i'm pretty proud of myself for getting the soldering part right.  soldering is one of those i-can't-seem-to-get-it-right-why-does-everyone-else-make-it-look-so-easy things that's been bugging me for awhile.  i'm practicing and slowly getting better.  i'm not a giver-upper so one day i will kick soldering's butt.

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