Saturday, April 30, 2011

This post is full of pretty

A pretty layered necklace I've been working turned out rather well I think.  I still need to make a clasp, and then I'll have to take pictures to list it in my shop.  I included a really stunning glass bead from Jackson River Glass Studio in this.

I finally got the rest of the pictures of other finished pieces taken today, now I just need to edit them so I can put all these things up in the Etsy shop.  While I was outside I had to take some time to admire some of the lovely things growing in my garden. 
The dwarf iris I planted last year is blooming.  The color was a surprise, because I got them from a clearance rack long after the blooming season.  Isn't that purple just awesome?
Coreopsis is blooming now too.  I have lots of this, and it nearly doubles itself every season.  This is always one of the first things to bloom in spring, and it continues to bloom nearly all the way through August.  I love these sunny little yellow beauties!
This is one of my kitties.  He was a stray in the neighborhood that eventually adopted me, and now he's just the most lovable cat ever.  Shy and skittish at first, but now he loves rubbing my face with his little wet nose and climbing all over me when we sit outside together.  After who knows how many years of neglect and fending for himself, he really shows his gratitude for all the spoiling he gets now with me.  We call him Vader's Daddy, because he looks just like one of my other cats, Vader.

 This is Eddie.  He's my big baby.  He'll be ten years old in May.  He's a big, beautiful, gentle ball of fur that loves lap time and chin scratches.  As you can see, he has the most gorgeous greenish blue eyes.  He was a holy terror when he was a baby, but now you wouldn't know it.

I had a very pretty day.

Next time I'll post some pictures of my other fur-babies.  Plus some more stuff I've been working on.

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